How to buy Lightspeed Commerce (LSPD) stock

Lightspeed Commerce (LSPD) is a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Company’s software platforms provide its customers with functionalities to engage with consumers, manage the operations and accept payments. It enables retailers, restaurants and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB) to engage with consumers across online, mobile, social and physical channels.

How do I buy Lightspeed Commerce stock?

Lightspeed Commerce is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol “LSPD” on the Toronto Stock Exchange (undefined) It is also listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker “LSPD.”

You can buy or sell LSPD stock on your own by opening a brokerage account with one of the many brokerage firms. You need this account to purchase stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, index funds, options, futures, foreign currencies, commodities, real estate investment trusts, etc. Many of the best stock trading platforms offer zero commission trading. Make sure you consider the variety of exchanges, the commissions and fees, and what margin rates the broker offers. And most of them also allow you to purchase smaller pieces of investments, called fractional shares, rather than having to pay the full price for a whole share. So you can buy Lightspeed stock or any other stock in any dollar amount.

Is Lightspeed a buy or sell?

Lightspeed’s innovative business model has shown immense growth potential over the years and has grown consistently even during tough times. Mergers and acquisitions of growth-oriented businesses are the modern-day tools for achieving great success in a short span of time because of the synergy that the combined businesses bring to the table. Though the e-commerce business is kind of fragmented, the company believes in consolidation and is always in search of suitable target businesses that can help in improving its performance manifold times.

Apart from expanding through acquisitions, the company is also consistently expanding its customer locations at a much faster pace than other companies in the same field.

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